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The best lifting straps for your heaviest pulling movements are found right here at Gymreapers. Whether you’re into powerlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, or Olympic lifting we get you supported. Lifting straps provide incredible grip stability and control when performing pulling movements like deadlifts, rows, and shrugs.

If you consistently work out or are a bodybuilder, you’ve seen people at the gym rely on these lifting straps to give them the added support to push themselves and reach their goals. For Crossfitters, lifting grips provide support without constricting wrists for a strong grip on deadlifts and WODs. Gymreapers offers premium lifting straps in a variety of color options.


What are Lifting Straps? 

Lasso lifting straps are the most common type of lifting straps and are sometimes referred to as wrist straps. They can be confusing to use, especially if you've never worn them before. Not only can lifting straps be confusing even with experienced lifters, but they can also be worn incorrectly. This causes you to not get the intended benefits of wearing them in the first place. 

Lasso lifting straps are made from heavy-duty cotton, nylon, or leather. Lifting straps have a variety of uses. The most common use for lifting straps is for heavy-duty liftings like deadlifts or other pulling exercises that work your traps such as lat pulldowns and rows. The straps are designed to provide you with better grip control and lessen the demands of the grip to allow you to focus on other aspects of a lift. 


What are Figure 8 Straps? 

Figure 8 lifting straps are, unsurprisingly, shaped like the number 8 — hence the name Figure 8. Figure 8 strap design provides a secure grip by tethering your wrists on one side and looping the other side under and around the barbell. So even if you relax your grip, you’ll still be attached to the bar by the sturdy straps.

For this reason, Figure 8 lifting straps are a great option for grip-taxing lifts like heavy deadlifts and shrugs. However, since you’ll be firmly secured to the bar through the strap design, Figure 8 straps aren’t suggested for power movements or when weight dumping is needed.


What are Lifting Grips? 

Lifting grips are a powerful piece of equipment because they serve multiple purposes. Weightlifting grips work like traditional lifting straps by offering wrist support, while also providing palm protection. The design features a durable grip material (leather or rubber) that can be worn flat against the palm or tucked around the bar like a hook. 

Weightlifting grips (sometimes called CrossFit hand grips) are most commonly used by CrossFit athletes during WODs. Lifting grips are gaining popularity in other functions due to their supportive grip while lifting or using a pull-up bar.

The benefits of using lifting grips include improved muscle definition with exercises like rows, pull-ups, deadlifts, shrugs, and more. Lifting grips are also common in gymnastics because they help with bar grip control. 


What are the Olympic Lifting Straps? 

The Olympic weightlifting straps (sometimes called a closed-loop strap because of their teardrop shape) are almost the complete opposite of the Figure 8 straps. They provide the least amount of grip support between the different types of straps, but their design makes it easy to ditch the bar when needed. This makes Olympic straps popular for Olympic weightlifting. 

Although these straps may help with Olympic lifts, it doesn't mean you can't also use them for deadlifts, rows, or anything else because they still provide ample help with the grip. Plus, they have the advantage of a quick setup so you’re not interrupting the flow of your setup too much.

What to look for in Figure 8 Straps? 

You want tough and durable straps you can count on. Whatever your goal, when you're training and needing a stronger grip around the barbell, Gymreapers heavy-duty cotton straps are the most durable strongman and powerlifting Figure 8 straps on the market today. 

Gymreapers Figure 8 lifting straps are ranked as the Best overall Figure 8 lifting straps because of their durable craftsmanship and quality material. Our Figure 8 lifting straps have been put to the test by a 15-year powerlifting coach and trainer and he gives them his seal of approval.  


What to look for in Lifting Grips? 

Look for a grip portion of the lifting straps to be made from either leather or rubber material and is designed to fit around the size of your palm. The strap portion should feature a padding material such as heavy-duty nylon, with a velcro loop. Gymreapers lifting grips are designed to feature a layer of neoprene padding so your wrist won’t experience tugging or tension. 

Be warned, leather and rubber simply aren’t as absorbent as cotton or nylon material, so moisture is more noticeable on your palms. However, it’s easy to wipe away the excess moisture without worrying about damaging it. The grip material portion on our grips is reinforced with double stitching, which allows the lifting grips to hold their shape over time and remain flexible. 


What to look for in Olympic lifting straps? 

The Gymreapers Olympic lifting straps improve grip strength and fit. Our Olympic lifting straps are powerful lifting straps that are made from high-quality cotton with reinforced stitching.

We’ve tested and formulated the toughest and most durable materials to form our thick, heavy-duty Olympic Lifting Straps for cleans and snatches. The teardrop-shaped strap design, with reinforced triple stitching along the seams, allows you to secure a strong, firm grip around the barbell.


Why invest in lifting straps? 

Gymreapes lifting straps are built for enhanced safety, stabilization, and comfort. Our lifting straps are crucial to getting the most out of any pulling strength training routine. Gymreapers BFR bands are a fantastic tool to improve muscle hypertrophy and definition. 

Which lifting straps are right for you? You can choose from traditional lasso straps, BFR bands, Figure 8 straps, lifting grips, and Olympic straps to support every workout and propel the amount of weight you can safely move.

Whether you’re into CrossFit, powerlifting, strength training, bodybuilding, or just need more support in weightlifting, there is a lifting strap for you.

Lifting Straps FAQ

What are weightlifting straps for? 

Lifting straps can be used to secure your grip on the barbell when doing pulls, shrugs, and deadlifts. As your grip gets weaker, lifting straps provide support and stability to finish your reps. 

Should I use lifting straps for lifting? 

Depending on your type of training and your fitness goals, adding lasso lifting straps to your routine can give you a better grip and control while reducing the stress of heavy deadlifts and pulls. 

Why should I use lifting straps? 

If you’re looking for strength and size, then consider owning a pair of wrist straps. Using lifting straps allows you to exhaust the targeted muscle(s) without losing your grip. 

When should I use lifting straps? 

For powerlifting, bodybuilding, and recreational lifting, lasso lifting straps are the way to go. They can be helpful with movements like shrugs, rows, deadlifts, rack pulls, snatch, and more. 

When shouldn’t I use lifting straps? 

Lifting straps of any kind shouldn’t be used as a crutch for a weak grip. Only use lifting straps for strategic movements when you truly need the extra grip support (typically during heaviest one max rep sets). 

What are the best lifting straps? 

For comfort and durability, thick cotton material with neoprene padding around the wrist is what makes an optimal lifting strap. Leather or nylon material can be tougher on the wrists and cause excessive sweating during lifting. 

How do I secure lifting straps? 

Lasso lifting straps aren’t complex. Simply slide one end of the long strap through the loop opening and make a circle. Slide the loop over your wrists and tighten the straps, then repeat on the other side. 

How do you use lifting straps? 

Once you've put the lifting straps around your wrists, you’re ready to start using them. We've made this quick video that shows you how to firmly secure your lifting straps to the barbell. 

Figure 8 Straps FAQ

How do Figure 8 deadlift straps work? 

Shaped like the number 8, you will loop your hands through the top of the “8” opening, which leaves the other part of the loop dangling. You’ll then feed the open part of the loop under the bar and grab the inside of the strap to complete the loop closure around the bar. 

Should I use Figure 8 straps? 

Use Figure 8 straps if you don’t need to ditch the bar at any point. These straps are great for weightlifting and powerlifting. 

What do I use Figure 8 straps for? 

They’re most popular with powerlifting — think super heavy deadlifts and shrugs. 

What are the best Figure 8 straps? 

There are many to choose from on the market. Gymreapers offers premium Figure 8 lifting straps made from durable cotton and reinforced stitching.

Lifting Grips FAQ

Why use lifting grips? 

You’ll save time by not wrapping excess material around the bar and experience less stopping and adjustment time. They also hold their shape really well and last a long time. 


How do I find the right size of lifting grips? 

The only sizing criteria you should worry about here is the material around the wrist. The grip pad is relatively a standard size. 

How do you wear lifting grips? 

For pulling (and lifting) movements, you’ll want to curve the grip portion into your palm as it wraps around the bar. For pushing motion, the grip pad should lay snug against your palm so you can benefit from the extra grip support. 

Why choose grips over lifting straps? 

The main difference when using lifting grips is that the grip doesn’t start to fail as quickly, giving you a tight and secure feel until the very last rep. 

Olympic Lifting Straps FAQ

How do you use Olympic straps? 

Similar to lasso straps, you simply loop the material around your wrists and then loop it around the bar for a secure fit.

Who should use Olympic straps? 

Anyone who wants a better way to move more weight on moves like the clean and jerk, snatch, and any weightlifting athlete or competitor that needs to dump overhead weight quickly. 

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