Gymreapers Olympic Lifting Straps


Durable Grip Support 

The Gymreapers Olympic Lifting Straps improve grip strength and fit. Our Olympic Lifting Straps are powerful lifting straps that are made from high-quality cotton with reinforced stitching.

Using Olympic Lifting Straps allows you to perform heavy moves like cleans and snatches, improving overall bar control for strength and muscle development.

  • We’ve tested and formulated the toughest and most durable materials to form our thick, heavy-duty Olympic Lifting Straps for cleans and snatches. The teardrop-shaped strap design, with reinforced triple stitching along the seams, allows you to secure a strong, firm grip around the barbell.
  • Gymreapers tests all our products in-house with world-class athletes and trainers. Our Olympic Lifting Straps are reinforced with triple stitching along essential seams for durability and long-term use. You’ll get 1 pair of Olympic Lifting Straps (2 straps) with features that include:
    1. Added gripping support
    2. Soft cotton fabric
    3. Strong comfortable fit
  • The Gymreapers Olympic Straps are ideal for Olympic lifting workouts like Olympic Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Cross Training, Deadlifts, Snatches, Clean and Jerk, and any other pulling movements.
  • The soft cotton fabric is made from a durable blend to prevent the material from digging into your wrists so you can focus on going heavy and breaking PR’s without your straps tearing or ripping. You work hard to get results in the gym, get the most out of your workout, and witness your gripping ability.
  • The Gymreapers Olympic Straps come in a variety of signature colors so you can work out in style. Pick from several color combinations for men and women. Options include black red, military green, and navy.
  • We stand behind our products and offer a hassle-free return process. We take pride in knowing that people all over the world are using and representing our brand. If you have any issues whatsoever — contact us and we will ensure your satisfaction no matter what.