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Meet the team of athletes that emobdy the Gymreapers core values, mission, and mentality

Kris Gethin

Kris has been part of the Team since the early days. He’s a world-renowned fitness trainer, businessman, biohacker, and exceptionally sharp.

Nick Lavery

Nick embodies our values and mindset and joined very early on. He’s an active duty member of the US Army Special Forces, a training and motivational speaker, and an author.

Iain Valliere

Iain is a powerhouse, which is evident by the 5 IFBB Pro Show wins he’s accumulated. His passion for fitness started early and is matched with an attitude and pursuit to always be better.

Ashley Horner

Ashely is a professional fitness competitor, ultra-runner, triathlete, entrepreneur, and mom. Ashley’s work ethic, attitude, and vision represent the Gymreapers mantra of Nothing is Given, Everything is Earned.

Jesse Norris

Jesse is a US Elite Powerlifter that holds multiple powerlifting world records in his weight class.He’s been one of the first athletes to join the Gymreapres organization since our founding in 2014.

Kaleb Redden

Kaleb is a pro on many levels. He's a Sports Medicine Doctor and has competed on the NBC show the “Titan Games”. His knowledge of muscles, joints and the human body makes him an incredible athlete and advisor.

Joseph Lee

Better known as JoeMonji, he’s an IFBB Pro and 6x Olympia competitor. Joe’s relentless pursuit to be bigger and better in his training and competitions is what makes him unique.

Alex Kopp

Alex is a strongman competitor and supporter of the brand for many years. He also coaches other competitors on improving themselves in and out of the gym.

Chelsea Daunert

Chelsea is an IFBB Pro and has been with the brand since its early days. She helps others on their fitness journey as a posing coach and certified personal trainer.

Bryant Smith

Bryant is a fitness coach and an IFBB Pro in the Men’s Classic Physique category. He demands the most out of himself daily and frequently tests Gymrepers gear to push his limits.

KZ Fetters

Kazzandra (KZ) is a Certified Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, and Nutritionist. She has a deep understanding and passion for fitness and coaches others on effective workouts and nutrition.

Jess Moreno

Jess is the newest addition to the Gymreapers team. She is a fitness model focused on improving herself and others through dependable workout gear and apparel.

Gabriella Fortune

Luis Sierra