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Essential wrist wraps for weightlifting, bodybuilding, and cross training.


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Welcome to Gymreapers, a trusted source for high-quality lifting accessories. Our wrist wrap collection is designed to enhance your weightlifting and strength training experience. Choose from our versatile range of wrist wraps to elevate your performance and prioritize wrist support.

Wrist wraps are essential accessories for weightlifting and strength training, providing stability and compression support to the wrist joint. Gymreapers wrist wraps come in a set of two, made of durable cotton and elastic material, with each wrap measuring a certain length that determines how many times it will wrap around your wrist and how sturdy of support you would be looking for. Each wrist wrap includes a durable thumb loop at one end and an attachment strip band at the end.

Benefits of Using Wrist Wraps

1) Reduced Fatigue: Alleviate strain and reduce fatigue by providing crucial support and stability to the wrist joint during repetitive or heavy lifting exercises.

2) Injury Prevention: Maintain proper wrist alignment to minimize strain, hyperextension, or flexion, reducing the risk of wrist injuries during workouts.

3) Form & Technique: Ensure proper wrist alignment for heavy lifts, allowing for efficient force transfer and improved control, resulting in better form.

4) Enhanced Strength: Improve grip strength and overall lifting strength by creating a stable foundation and preventing wrist bending during lifts.

    When Is the Best Time to Wear Wrist Wraps?

    Use wrist wraps for weightlifting sessions, especially during heavy lifts or high-intensity activities that require grip strength. Ideal for exercises like barbell curls, front squats, and overhead presses.

    Wrist Wraps for Specific Exercises

    1) Wrist Wraps for Bench Press: Essential for maintaining proper form and preventing wrist hyperextension during bench pressing. Boost your bench press performance with added stability.

    2) Wrist Wraps for Deadlifts: Improve performance during deadlifts by limiting wrist bending, providing a stable foundation, and reducing strain and fatigue.

    3) Wrist Wrap for Calisthenics: Ideal for serious calisthenics enthusiasts, providing proper alignment and support to minimize muscle fatigue during demanding bodyweight movements.

      Choosing the Right Wrist Wraps

      Selecting the perfect wrist wrap requires careful consideration of both support and comfort. Whether you're a powerlifter in need of wrist wraps for benching or someone seeking relief from wrist pain, the right choice can significantly impact your performance and overall well-being.

      For serious weightlifters, wrist wraps play a crucial role in providing stability and protection during exercises like bench presses, overhead presses, and heavy lifts. Look for wraps that balance firm support and flexibility to maintain proper wrist alignment and reduce the risk of injury.

      Consider Material Quality:

      When it comes to fitness gear, the quality of materials used in wrist wraps is essential. Opt for wraps made from high-quality materials like premium nylon with elastic blends, offering durability and comfort during exercise.

      Wrist Support Level:

      Consider the level of support appropriate for your workout routine. If you regularly engage in heavy lifting, opt for stiff wrist wraps that feature more material (up to 24”) for stability during intense sessions. For activities like CrossFit that prioritize flexibility, Strength Wrist Wraps may be more suitable, offering adaptability while still providing wrist support. For general workouts, bench presses, powerlifting, and more try classic 18” wraps that provide basic support and allow for a more natural wrist movement.

      How to Wear Wrist Wraps:

      1) Place the wrist wrap flat against your wrist with the loop for your thumb on the inner side of your wrist. The wrap should be centered over your wrist joint.

      2) Pull the free end of the wrist wrap across your wrist and around it, ensuring that it stays snug but not too tight.

      3) Once wrapped around your wrist to your desired level of tightness and support, fasten the wrist wrap with the hook-and-loop (velcro) closure.

      4) Ensure it's secure but not cutting off circulation, providing well-supported wrists for lifting.

        The Best Wrist Wraps to Consider

        If you're looking for the best wrist wraps and want a simple, informed choice, we've curated a list based on quality, functionality, and user feedback:

        1) Best Wrist Wrap Overall: 18” Wrist Wraps

        2) Best Wrist Wraps for Bench: 18” Wrist Wraps

        3) Best Wrist Wraps for CrossFit: Strength Wrist Wraps

        4) Best Tendonitis Wrist Wrap: Stiff Wrist Wraps

          Common Questions about Wrist Wraps

          1. When to use wrist wraps?
            Wrist wraps are essential for weightlifting sessions, especially with heavy weights or intense activities requiring grip strength. They offer crucial support and stability, particularly if you experience wrist instability or discomfort.

          2. How tight should wrist wraps be?
            Wrist wraps should provide a comfortable level of compression and support. Wrap to your desired level, ensuring it's not too tight to cut off blood flow.

          3. How do you use strength wrist wraps?
            Strength wrist wraps can be quickly adjusted. Wrap the material around your wrist and tie the end loops to fit your desired level of compression.

          4. What color options are available?
            Gymreapers offers over 10 color options, including black, green, and red, allowing you to choose a wrist wrap that suits your style.

          5. Should I Wear Wrist Wraps All the Time?
            Just like you wouldn't wear a lifting belt on arm day, the use of wrist wraps follows a similar principle. Reserve them for movements demanding support at 50% or more of your one-rep maximum – essentially your heaviest reps. While wrist wraps offer excellent support, constant use may lead to dependency and weaken your wrist joints.

          6. How Do I Wear Wrist Wraps?
            Proper use of wrist wraps is crucial for optimal support. Whether for powerlifting or CrossFit, where you place the wrap matters. Align the material slightly above the wrist crease to ensure stability and prevent unnecessary wrist extension. For a quick guide on wearing weightlifting wrist wraps, watch the clip below for optimal support during heavy lifts.

          7. What Kind of Wrist Wraps Should I Wear?
            The choice of wrist wraps depends on your training type. Bodybuilders and powerlifters favor supportive wraps for bench press and pushing movements, made from high-grade durable materials. Strength wraps are ideal for CrossFit, providing a better range of motion for complex moves like snatches and cleans, without being too bulky.

          8. Do I Need Wrist Support in CrossFit or Gymnastics?
            For involved WODs with varied movements, strength wrist wraps offer adjustable support. However, if your goal is to strengthen wrist joints with movements like pull-ups or handstands, strength wraps may not be necessary. Pain during these moves could signal larger issues; consider alternatives or consult a doctor for proper treatment.

          9. Can I Wash My Wrist Wraps?
            Yes. Washing your wrist wraps frequently is crucial to prevent odor and bacterial growth. Hand wash them with a soap/detergent solution and air dry. Gymreapers' quality material ensures durability even with frequent washing. Avoid using a washing machine or dryer to maintain their quality.

          10. Where Can I Buy Quality Wrist Wraps?
            Before purchasing, evaluate the quality and longevity of wrist wraps. Check reviews, product specifications, and size dimensions. Gymreapers offers premium wrist wraps in various colors, recently voted as the best overall by customers and publications like Barbend. Trusted by world-class athletes and fitness professionals, Gymreapers wraps provide strong stitching, construction, and material for lasting support.

          11. How To Wear Wrist Wraps With Thumb Loop?
            If you choose to wear classic wrist wraps with the thumb loop, insert your thumb through the loop before wrapping the material around your wrist. After wrapping, secure the wrist wrap with the velcro end.

          12. Do Wrist Wraps Weaken Your Wrist?
            Wrist wraps do not weaken the wrist; in fact, they provide added stability and support to the wrist joint, reducing the risk of injuries during heavy lifting. Wrist wraps are designed to enhance safety.

          13. Should I Use Wrist Wraps For Curls?
            Wrist wraps are not necessary for curls. They are typically recommended for exercises involving heavy weights, where maintaining a neutral and straight wrist position is crucial. Exercises like bench press, overhead press, and push press benefit more from wrist wrap usage.

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