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Gymreapers Strength Wrist Wraps

Ranger Green
Desert Tan

Eliminate the need for athletic tape or bulky training wrist wraps with Gymreapers Strength wrist wraps for cross training, wods, compound movements and more. We've designed these with the athlete in mind for an adjustable strength wrap that supports your wrist and can be quickly adjusted to your desired level of compression.

  • BOOST YOUR LIFTS & HIT YOUR NEXT PR - Lift with confidence when training. Whether you're power cleaning, snatching, hitting a heavy jerk/push press or needing extra support through a tough WOD these will provide the durable wrist brace you need for hitting PR's.
  • DURABLE, STRONG, TESTED WRAPS FOR STRENGTH - Notice a difference in support, comfort, and aesthetics with our strength training wrist wraps. We've focused on compounding quality materials with reinforced stitching for the best adjustable wrist wrap.
  • PERFECT FOR WOD, COMPOUND MOVEMENTS, & TRAINING SESSIONS - When you're quickly moving through a WOD, go from heavy clean and jerks directly to muscle ups or toes to bar by adjusting the tightness and support of the wraps without losing range of motion.

Colors: Black, Red, Ranger Green, Desert Tan

Dimensions: 36" long x 3" wide

Gymreapers Strength Wraps

Gymreapers has and always will be a brand created by athletes, for athletes.

Our mission is set on innovation in athletic performance through designing and manufacturing the best weightlifting equipment and accessories in the industry.