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Gymreapers Kettlebells

Size Guide

Elevate Your Training 

An exclusive from Gymreapers our cast iron kettlebells are made from true cast iron, not scrap, so you won’t find plastic caps, plugs, or patches. Featuring a well-balanced design with a flat wobble-free base, our kettlebells come in a variety of sizes from 4kg/9lbs to 32kg/70lbs with distinct color codes for each weight/size. 

The Gymreapers kettlebell is ideal for kettlebell swings, goblet squats, snatch, and a variety of other moves that help build strength and endurance. Push your cardiovascular and weight-training limits with our Gymreapers kettlebells and start strengthening your body. 

Important Note: Kettlebells are not eligible for free shipping or discount codes. For stock and shipping purposes, kettlebell preorders (and regular orders) are non-refundable. View FAQ for more.  

  • Gymreapers partnered with an elite manufacturer to use a cutting-edge technique that results in high-quality kettlebells. The molding process ensures that each kettlebell is well made, has a flat base that prevents wobbling, includes smooth handles, and has a smooth finish.
  • Whether you need kettlebells for your garage gym or backyard, the Gymreapers Kettlebells are available in the exact size that fits your needs. Each kettlebell has an imprint of the weight in kilograms (kg) and in pounds (lbs) so you know exactly what you’re picking up. The Gymreapers Kettlebell sizes range from 4kg/9lbs to 32kg/70lbs.

    The Gymreapers Kettlebells Handle Diameters are:
    1. 4kg/9lbs to 6kg/13lbs - 30mm
    2. 8kg/18lbs to 14kg/31lbs - 32mm
    3. 16kg/35lbs to 18kg/40lbs - 33mm
    4. 20kg/44lbs to 22kg/48lbs - 38mm
    5. 24kg/53lbs - 39mm
    6. 28kg/62lbs to 32kg/70lbs - 40mm
  • There are so many beneficial uses with kettlebells such as swings, goblet squats, and twists. A significant advantage of using kettlebells is reliant on power endurance. Power endurance involves moves that are performed quickly such as the snatch and the clean and jerk. These exercises force you to perform moves quickly and activate muscular contractions rapidly, giving you more power and a bigger calorie burn.
  • The Gymrepers Kettlebells are manufactured from iron ore (not scrap, like other kettlebells) and go through a single-piece molding process. The process creates a uniform surface that’s free of dents and voids. The Gymreapers Kettlebell is made entirely from cast iron, so you won’t find plastic caps, plugs, or patches. The base of each kettlebell is designed to sit flat on the floor, preventing wobbling.
  • All of the Gymreapers Kettlebells feature color-coded markings for quick and easy recognition. The colors correspond to the sizes outlined below.
    1. 4kg/9lbs - Light Blue
    2. 6kg/13lbs - Grey
    3. 8kg/18lbs - Pink
    4. 10kg/22lbs - Orange
    5. 12kg/26lbs - Blue
    6. 14kg/31lbs - Brown
    7. 16kg/35lbs - Yellow
    8. 18kg/40lbs - Brown
    9. 20kg/44lbs - Grey
    10. 22kg/48lbs - Black
    11. 24kg/53lbs - Green
    12. 28kg/62lbs - Orange
    13. 32kg/70lbs - Red
  • We stand behind our products 100%. We take pride in knowing that people all over the world are using and representing our brand. If you have any issues whatsoever — contact us and we will ensure your satisfaction no matter what.