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Gymreapers Arm Blaster

Ranger Green

Improve Form and Strength

The Gymreapers Arm blaster is the forward progression of old-school classic bodybuilding. Made from sturdy aluminum and durable nylon straps, this arm-building mechanism is designed to be worn around your neck when performing bicep curls.

By requiring you to keep your elbows tight against your body, the arm blaster stimulates a stronger muscle connection, promotes proper form, and aids in overall isolation of the biceps -- taking full advantage of a grueling arm workout. 

  • Our arm blaster provides an innovative, unique way to prevent sloppy form and the recruiting of secondary muscles by solely targeting the two bicep heads. Gymreapers has improved our arm blaster with the addition of practical construction improvements and quality design.
    1. Capped ends for grip and comfort
    2. Adjustable nylon strap for durability and support
    3. Contoured shape for comfortable usage
  • The arm blaster is essential for bicep isolation, bicep growth, and can be used to perform dumbbell or barbell curls. This training accessory helps support your elbows and provides neck padding for an incredible pump.
  • The Gymreapers arm blaster is available in three signature color options so you can work out in confidence and style. Choose your arm blaster color from classic black, red, and ranger green.