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Hip Bands - 3 Pack

Circle Hip Bands for Toning

Drive more glute and hip engagement with our hip circle bands, now available in a 3-pack set. The premium-grade bands are enhanced with a rubber grip around the middle to provide traction and prevent slippage during exercises. 


    This set of hip circle bands includes 3 levels of resistance for strength training and exercise. The Gymreapers circle bands help improve range of motion, joint stiffness, and mobility.

    • Bands are made from premium elastic material 
    • Durable latex inner material prevents slippage during training 
    • Set includes various resistance levels 
      • Slate - Light - 15lbs 
      • Charcoal - Medium - 20lbs 
      • Black - Heavy - 25lbs
    Intended Use

    Hip resistance bands are a great tool for proper squat and deadlift form. Hip bands can also be used for booty and leg shaping exercises such as squat variations, step-ups, thrusts, side steps, focused contractions, and glute workouts.


    We stand behind our weightlifting equipment and accessories. We're confident you'll love our premium grade Hip Bands, and we offer a 1-year replacement guarantee.