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USA Sport Shaker


The USA-themed 27-ounce SmartShaker is designed to mix your pre-workout or protein shake to a smooth consistency every time. 

Featuring convenient markings for measurements on both sides, this blender bottle features ProBlend technology for smoother blends. 

  • This sport shaker bottle holds 27 ounces of liquid when filled to the cup brim. For aesthetic reasons, the measurement markings end sooner (at 20 ounces).
    1. Proudly made in the USA 
    2. Completely BPA free plastics
    3. Wide mouth for an easy pour of powder or protein 
    4. ProBlend SmartShaker technology for smoother blends
    5. Embossed markings for measuring (ounces and milliliters)
    6. Sturdy 100% leak-proof cap closure
    7. Fits in most car and truck drink holders
    8. Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe

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