Refillable Gymreapers Chalk Ball (2 oz.)


  • PREMIUM GRADE MULTI-FUNCTION CHALK - Our 100% pure premium grade magnesium carbonate can be used for Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Grip Strength, & Rock Climbing.
  • NOTICEABLE GRIP IMPROVEMENT - Through using Gymreapers chalk ball you will have a noticeable increase in grip strength and the ability to maintain your grip for long periods of time.
  • LESS MESS, MORE RESULTS - Our refillable chalk ball prevents chalk from getting everywhere during your physical activity and once it's all used up, you can refill it with chalk on hand.
  • RESEALABLE BAG INCLUDED - The bag that contains the chalk ball is a resealable zip lock bag. This will allow you to store your ball in their preventing chalk from getting all over your gym belongings.
  • LASTS LONGER THAN ALTERNATIVES - The chalk ball will last longer than blocks of chalk and other chalk products as it reduces waste and efficiently provides the chalk you need.

Collections: Accessories

Type: Chalk ball

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