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Microfiber Dri-Fit Stringer - Grey

Size Guide

Stay Cool

Training essentials just got better with the Gymreapers Microfiber Dri-Fit Stringer. The microfiber Dri-Fit stringer is made from 100% polyester material. Look and feel great with this tapered true-to-size fit, catering to your specific body type that accentuates your chest, shoulders, and arms. 

Thanks to the incredible microfiber material, it wicks away sweat as you train, keeping you cool and comfortable the entire workout. Available in multiple colors and sizes, this stringer is essential for your workout.

    1. Material: 100% Microfiber Polyester created for performance training
    2. Fit: Tapered, light and comfortable to compliment your physique
    3. Color: Gray stringer tank top with white logo print
    4. Additional: Fits true to size, keeps you cool as you train.