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Gymreapers Black Box

Size Guide
Shirt Size

Note: Dueto high demand your order might be slightly delayed.
**Expect delivery to you in 2-3 weeks** 

An exclusive deal 

Introducing the first-ever Gymreapers Black Box. This limited-time mystery box includes some of our top-rated gear for our loyal Gymreapers supporters.

The gear inside our mystery black box is valued at $200, but it's yours for only $100. What do you think is inside? Don't miss out because our stock is limited and won't last long. Please note that all black box sales are final

    1. Material: Premium 60/40 cotton and polyester blend
    2. Fit: Athletic, durable rib neckband
    3. Additional: Machine wash cold, limited supply 
    1. Material Type: Premium leather, Interior suede lining
    2. Additional: Reinforced double-stitching along seams
    3. From the buckle to the first/last hole
      1. Small: 33"/26"
      2. Medium: 37"/29"
      3. Large: 41"/34"
      4. X-Large: 45"/38"
      5. XX-Large: 47"/42"
    4. Total belt length (approximate)
      1. Small: 36"
      2. Medium: 40"
      3. Large: 44"
      4. X-Large: 48"
      5. XX-Large: 52"