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Gymreapers Hip Band


Build Better Definition 

This Gymreapers Hip Resistance Band is the classic circle hip band made for glute and leg training exercises. The rubber enhancement around the middle of the band improves gripping ability and forces more glute and hip engagement.

  • The Gymreapers resistance hip band provides incredible support and leg resistance for women and men. Whether you're focusing on leg, hip, or thigh workouts, these circle bands will take your training to the next level.
    1. Small (13”) under 120 lbs. bodyweight
    2. Medium (15”) 121-230 lbs. bodyweight
    3. Large (16.5”) over 230 lbs. bodyweight
    1. The resistance band can be used for many different exercises such as squat variations, step-ups, thrusts, side steps, focused contractions, and glute workouts. Our Gymreapers Hip band is an excellent addition to any gym equipment bag.
    2. Studies have shown that hip abduction exercises, in both therapy and weightlifting settings, have been shown to strengthen needed muscles for stabilization and injury prevention. Start improving with the Gymreapers Grip Hip resistance band today.
  • Through testing and training with these bands, we've finalized a thicker, elastic material that comes in a variety of sizes. Whether you're a fit girl, hardcore powerlifter, or fitness enthusiast you can use these bands.
  • Available in a black color scheme, the Gymreapers Hip Band helps you work out in confidence, comfort, and style.