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Gymreapers Resistance Tube Kit

Size Guide

Increase upper and lower body strength with the Gymreapers Resistance Tube Kit. Our natural latex Resistance Tubes are ideal for customized resistance training, rehabilitation, and conditioning — no matter if you’re at home or on the go.

Gymreapers offers 5 color-coded stretch Resistance Tubes, varying in resistance levels from 10lbs to 50lbs. This all-in-one fitness pack features a door anchor, handles, ankle straps, and a branded carrying bag. 

  • Working out from home due to COVID closures? The Gymreapers Tubes are made for you. Our resistance tubes enable you to train any muscle group no matter where you are. The portable and lightweight tubes are ideal for rehabilitation, strength building, conditioning, or as a substitute for standard machines.
  • We’ve ensured that our Resistance Tube Bands are made from quality latex that can last you for years. Offering tubes in 5 color-coded resistance options, we also include a durable door attachment, a set of ankle straps, a set of tough handles, and a Gymreapers storage bag. The resistance tubes range in the following colors and weights:
    1. Yellow (10lbs)
    2. Blue (20 lbs)
    3. Green (30 lbs)
    4. Black (40 lbs)
    5. Red (50 lbs)
  • Get shredded and improve your overall strength without a gym. The Gymreapers Resistance Tube Bands come in 5 resistance levels and can be used to improve mobility, recovery, and rehabilitation. The resistance tubes can serve as substitutes for your favorite weighted exercises such as bicep curls, bent over rows, chest flyes, lat pulldowns, and more.
  • Our natural latex rubber stretch Resistance Tube Bands are no exception to the quality we provide in our fitness gear and apparel. They Gymreapers Resistance Tubes are made from durable latex that is lightweight and compact. Leave worry behind knowing you’re investing in resistance tubes that will serve you for many years of use.
  • The Gymreapers Resistance Tube Bands come in 5 key colorways so you easily pick out the correct weight according to its color. Work out indoors or outdoors in confidence and style with bands that come in yellow, blue, green, black, and red. Best of all, the Gymreapers Resistance Tubes come in a portable bag so you can get an intense workout anywhere.
  • We stand behind our products and offer a 30-day hassle-free warranty. We take pride in knowing that people all over the world are using and representing our brand. If you have any issues whatsoever — contact us and we will ensure your satisfaction no matter what.