Gymreapers Stiff Wrist Wraps

$ 19.99

Performance Based Wrist Support

Sick of wrist wraps that don't provide the stiff, heavy duty support that you're looking for when training? Look no further. We've developed a premium quality 18" inch wrist wrap with every enhancement you've been looking for. 

What's new?

  • Upgraded, reinforced elastic material (stiffer than others on the market)
  • Thicker thumb loop with stitching that won't tear. 
  • Longer elastic end with silicone logo for maximum compression
  • Lifetime Satisfaction Gaurantee

Who are these right for?

These wrist wraps were created with the sole intention of providing those that train hard and heavy the support and compression they need. This pair of wrist wraps fit within competition regulations, will provide stiff compression, and unlike many other cheap brands are designed specifically for your right and left hand so you won't have issues wrapping them around your wrists.

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