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Gymreapers Adhesive Weightlifting Tape


Premium adhesive 

Weightlifting tape built for athletes needing protection and support for their hands and thumbs. Ideal for WODs, Olympic lifting, and CrossFit athletes.


    1. #1 PREMIUM HOOK GRIP TAPE - Looking for a tape that aids in preventing tearing, cuts, blisters, and other finger or thumb injury? Gymreapers adhesive tape is ideal for cross-training, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, strongman, and powerlifting!
    2. TOP TIER FLEXIBILITY - Our proprietary flexible function doesn't restrict the movement of your joints. The lifting tape shapes to your fingers and thumb for a comfortable and normal grip enabling you to focus on form, technique, and hitting your next PR.
    3. HEAVY-DUTY ADHESIVE FOR PROTECTION - Our premium grade adhesive tape will hold strong through the most intense workouts, enduring WODS, Snatch Grips, Olympic Lifting, Ring Work, And other Exercises. The sticky tape works to hold firm to your fingers without leaving a sticky residue.
    4. TESTED DURABILITY FOR HANDS - Don't waste your money and time with cheap tape that tears apart or slips off, our heavy-duty non-slip material will maintain its position, absorb sweat, and improve your gripping ability without issues.
    5. EASILY APPLIED & SAFE - No need for scissors or pre-cut strips. Simply wrap the thumb tape by hand around your fingers or thumb and tear to apply it. Gymreapers tape is a latex-free, non-allergenic breathable solution for adhesive tape.
    1. Colors: Red, Black, White
    2. Quantity: 3 Rolls Per Pack